PRINS - construction of 175 apartments and nursery for 49 children

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  • date2016
  • clientSociété de logements de la région Bruxelles-Capital
  • surface27.500 sqm
  • locationBrussels (Anderlecht)
  • budget30.000.000€

In collaboration with Hamonic + Masson & Associates, the project is implanted in the heart of Anderlecth on a rare parcel still vegetated. It means an empty space of building occupied by vegetable patches and some makeshifts shelters. For almost 20 years, the parcels have been appropriated and developed by the neighborhood’s inhabitants. By the way, its topography is unique by its rugged aspect and also, it is bordered by wide housing estates.

Urban quality of the project is based on the transition’s creation between the different scales of frame which border the yard. In the North, the project is respectful of the template from the individual houses and recreates a building façade with an identical scale at the one of the street. Comparing with the South, the buildings are higher to compose the big building estates from the sixties. According to its hybrid morphology, it creates a light transition between the various scales of the city by also, responding to the sharply changing of the yard.

After, this approach permits to create a density by preserving the maximum of porosity over the island’s heart. The composition created by the transversal openings and the passageways animates the apartments and in the same time, the distribution of each. The street spaces are deployed high up. The island is furnished of an important collective garden suggesting spaces conducive to recreation and play areas.

Then, the exploited yard is implanted on a very important wooded heritage, the landscape approach for the planning spaces is developed in the continuity of the existing staging yard. The question concerning the nature in the city is a major interrogation: indeed, this subject questions about the flora and fauna, the ecosystem, the gardening for the habitants, the notion of water cycle by the rainwater’s recycling, etc. Despite of the island’s densification which imposes certain vegetative removals, the desire is to constitute with a landscape potential and to preserve the vibe of shared gardens.

The proposal is structured around progression which counts a “wild” space on the East constituted of grasslands, picnic spaces, vegetable plantings, huts and also, on the West, some rice paddies from which emerge existing trees and follow the current topography - Everything with a bucolic feel.

At last, in the center of this co-ownership, the entities – vegetable plantings and orchards – can be the opportunity to organize an innovative project by the establishment of a dynamic neighborhood by gardening.

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