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Each client specialties aimed to a particular project which answers at its requests by integrating its own constraints. No recipe is available to develop a project, each answer has to be appropriate at the request and in any case, remain upright.

According to our team, it seems essential to think our intervention by contextualizing it without ossifying. It is necessary to let the users having the appropriation faculty of the places and evolving it by keeping the possibility to adapt the project in function of the new needs which are impossible to plan. Then, it is primordial to target an evolutive architecture by creating modular units which ones can embed these requirements. We want to imagine an architecture which is a real development and well-being incubator meaning to formally authorize liberties and the identification of the user him-self.

Indeed, places appropriation, openness, contextual consideration by favorizing the emergence and the development of specific sensitivities form the guiding principles of our project approach. Regarding to this, our position is place on an approach which is reflexive, global and integrated in the respect of the environment. It takes into account of the particular context in which the project is enrolled by multiplying the personal references. The aim here is not to limit it at an “Author Architecture”.

Architectural project is not an end in itself, it remains a means. The user, the inhabitant, the human have to stay at the root of the project.

Finally, our conception team gathers many personalities for which the experience, the formation and the cultural origin are sensitively different. All together, they point a common objective being to create a fair, functional, contextual and evolutive architecture which is placed strong emphasis on freedom.