18/05/2020 MEDICAL CENTER!

Normal mm image 3d

Reallocation of a building on rue André Hennebicq, in Saint-Gilles. Formerly housing a youth center and undergoing renovations, the client decided to acquire the ground floor and the cellar of the front building and take possession of the rear building. This set will give birth to a future medical center.

Without touching the external envelope, the challenge of this project was to reserve an intimacy in the space of the doctors compared to the glances of the patients while preserving an important contribution of natural light. The creation of new light fittings combined with the arrangement of vertical circulation brings breathing and natural light to the different spaces. Finally, the configuration of the building required creating a connection between the reception and the rear building. This longitudinal circulation replaces the existing staircase, it is accessible to people with reduced mobility and leads to the vertical circulation core (Stairs and elevator). It is bathed in light and runs alongside a green roof.